Fire Protection Systems

Hochiki Alarm Systems

Addressable panels, remote annunciators, precise heat and smoke detectors, manual stations, reflective beam detector activated by obscuration for warehouses and notification

Fire Pump Systems

A wide variety of Patterson roto-dynamic pumps: vertical in-line, split-case and vertical turbine operated with electric and diesel motors, switch controls with complete

Automatic Fire Suppression Systems

Water and foam based automatic sprinkler systems, with different control and monitoring devices for wet, pre-action and deluge systems for all types of occupations: residential

Manual Fire Suppression Systems

Fire system consisting of hydrants, hoses and water and foam monitors, siamese valves and control devices, extinguishers, and monitors for residential, commercial and industrial

Fire protection system through NOVEC clean agents

Used to protect rooms with computer servers, electric equipment and other costly equipment. This is an effective system which suppresses any fire in a minimum seconds frame,

Different types of pipe support, anti seismic and traditional

Pear clamps, hanger clamps, J clamps, clevis clamps, and other strut reels, threaded rods, expanding dowels , an other accessories for pipe support with different anchorage.