Our Projects

A complete fire protection system including: addressable alarms, automatic sprinkler system and pumping equipment.  Installed for a renowned US government institution.
Fire protection systems with clean agents for computer server rooms of important banking and financial institutions in Guatemala and Central America.
Cooling systems for industrial machinery and compressed air systems for pneumatic controlled equipment of prestigious industries in Central America.
Fire protection systems including: addressable alarm system, automatic sprinklers, diesel and electric pumps in hotels, commercial buildings and institutions throughout Central America.
Deluge systems to protect loading areas and fuel deposits with our without foam; foam chambers for fossil fuel tanks, protection of  dams of  important chemical and fuel industries in Central America.
Complete potable water pump systems for industrial processes, distribution piping systems for buildings, industrial plants, urban development firms and commercial buildings in the Central American territory.
Irrigation systems for landscaping, parks, residential areas, farms, golf courses, using sprinklers and drip irrigation, with manual or automatic operation through programmers, or self-programmed valves of renowned urban development firms, agriculture industry, commercial areas and private residences.
Solar water heating systems for potable water in residences and commercial buildings, solar heating and complete filtering of pools.
We provide piping, accessories, valves and couplings for mining production lines, water and compressed air cooling systems, groundwater extraction, water supply for the industrial process of important mining companies in Guatemala.